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My first fan-fic! Sorry if its terrible... (I don't really know how to use this)

Etho woke with a start. He felt like he was being watched. "Probably the viking, up to his old tricks again." Etho muttered to himself. He sat up in bed and looked around his neat bedroom, when something near the window caught his eye. Blood. Fresh and sticky."What? Anders!" He yelled, trying to remain calm."Oh Etho..." The voice echoed through the room almost purring."I'm not that viking."
"Thats three disappearances in the last week!" Pause was unusually pale. Beef and Pause were walking along a road at spawn town. "Tuesday Vechs disappeared, Thursday Nebris just vanished, and this morning Etho disappeared!" Beef kicked a stone of the path in frustration, who could have done this! The culprit had left no traces at all! Beef looked up at the sky like the clouds had the answers to all of his problems. "We have to find who did this." Pause said dragging Beef from his day dream. Beef nodded in agreement, glancing out into the trees, when a cloaked figure caught his eye.

"Hey!" Beef started running towards the hooded man, not noticing how deep he had gone into the forest. "Hey!" Beef was had almost reached him when Pause's call spun him around. "Beef wait!" Pause was panting when he had caught up. "D-did you-" "Yes Beef, I saw him, lets just find Guude and get the heck out of here!" Pause started walking out of the dark forest and was glad to hear Beef's footsteps behind him. "What do we do now? Having seen the guy who might have taken the others?" There was no response "Beef?" Pause spun around, not to find Beef walking behind him, but the hooded man.
"Thats two more gone, by next week there won't be anyone left!" Seth was drumming his fingers on the table. "Seth I'm feeling nervous about this... Somehow this mystery guy gets from one side of the island to the other in less than four hours! How is that even possible?" Guudes pacing quickened.

And the it hit him like a ton of bricks.

This 'guy' wasn't working alone.

Seth raised his eyebrows at the sight of Guudes expression. "Hes not working alone."

So? Would you guys like a part two? I hope you enjoyed it.


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